Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath

Well that's a mouthful of a last name, isn't it? I often just go with Heath. But, in case you're wondering, the other one's pronounced YU-len-brock.


I started UHLSEE after seeing so many business owners and professionals missing opportunities because the heart of their work was hidden behind inconsistent branding or a total lack thereof.  

I'm a brand designer with over a decade of experience in the creative industry producing beautiful, professional, and, at times, quirky written/visual content. I’ve guided small businesses through building their brand from the ground up, written and designed executive presentations, created head-turning one-page Spotlights for professionals and job seekers, and so much more.


I delight in designing and updating brands for clients who are chasing their dreams and passions. I’ll dive into your story to create work you are proud of as it promotes an experience that captures your audience to generate new and repeat business.

This is my passion. I LOVE what I do!

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Live Your Best Life

Find what makes you glow. Take care of yourself physically and mentally while celebrating the little things and seeking out the lessons within challenges that will help you grow. 

Trust is what builds relationships.  So, choose honesty, even when it makes you uncomfortable. Speak your truth with compassion.


We're in this together. Small business owners should be supporting each other and learning from each other. Remember all of the people who have, and still do support you in your journey. Make sure to pay it forward whenever you can.

Continuous Learning

We're never really finished learning. Take it all in through books, people, podcasts, videos, workshops/classes, mentors, mistakes, and experiences (good and bad). Apply it to your life and work and share it.