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We are never finished learning. Take it all in through books, people and experiences (good and bad). Then use and share it.

Sara Uhlenbrock-Heath

When I meet someone who is building a word-of-mouth business, a lesser known non-profit or forming a group of their own, I always want to hear their story; how they’re turning their passion into something more. Many people still crave connection so they are often more likely to do business with you or offer support when they are able to relate to the stories and passion behind them in some way.


Almost anyone can write an ad or quick product description, but not everyone has the ability to reveal your story or, what I call, the "heartbeat" behind your business. I bring over ten years of experience in written/visual communications design, creative direction, training development and even some voice over talent to your business, cause or group. People don’t want to be “sold to” so I simply listen to your story to learn more about what you do and why you do it. I recommend the best options for digging past the typical advertising jargon to showcase your brand, encouraging a sense of connection between your audience and your product/service or cause.

I'd love to hear your story next...


This is not a competition. Small business owners should support each other and even pay-it-forward when we can.


Support people/businesses who put their passion into their work.


Choose honesty. Trust is what builds relationships.