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Brand Design for Individuals

& Small Businesses

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What is  UHLSEE  (YUL-see) ?

So, you know you need to show people what you do and why that matters. But, like so many others, you don't have either the time, the skills, or the desire to take on that creative challenge. No worries!

UHLSEE  Communications makes it easy for small businesses, solopreneurs, and job seekers to define, design, and showcase a distinctive professional brand that creates a meaningful and memorable audience experience – without the big agency budget.


There’s a story behind your passion, achievements, skills, and products.  UHLSEE  brings it all together and gives it a voice through the power of written and visual content. 

What's in a brand?  Everything

You can be the best at what you do but your success is largely dependent upon how others experience you and what you provide.


No, really. Imagine you're watching your favorite movie - comedy, love story, high stakes action, even an old school thrasher - imagine it with different or even no music. What if the score from Forrest Gump was used, instead, in Braveheart? Or the music from It’s A Wonderful Life was used in Jaws? Yikes! Would you still enjoy it? Would you feel any emotional connection to it, or recommend it to others? These are considered great movies, even classics. but they feel empty without the right music to draw you in.


So, just like the notes, rests, pitch, and rhythm are all carefully arranged into one fluid score that dances through your mind as you watch each scene unfold, the colors, font, words, voice, and images of your brand should be carefully selected and consistently utilized to evoke the desired connection with your audience.

It's Like the Background Music to a Movie

The Full Brand Experience

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