Have you ever seen or even made these branding mistakes?

Don't worry, no judgment here! I would make plenty of mistakes trying to do what you do, right? You are the expert in your field so let's work together and I'll show you how I'm an expert in mine.

Brand Blunders

  • Black and blue logo on a website with just about all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Business cards directing people to an incomplete website (it even still had the placeholder text).

  • Resumes with way too much content for any person to attempt to read.

  • Businesses wasting their entire marketing budget on social ads with little to no return.

  • Just plain didn't know what to do to make themselves or their product stand out.

  • Marketing pieces with a combination of old clipart and/or pixelated images.

  • Various blogs and articles written in different and sometimes opposing voices

  • Marketing pieces with 4 different fonts and several colors completely different from their logo and website.

  • Owners losing their minds trying to post on just about every social platform out there, or simply not knowing which ones to choose.

  • Avoiding any marketing or branding (whether business or personal) altogether because they felt they either didn’t have the time, the skills, or the budget.